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We recently had the privilege of being Lina and Zach’s Summerville wedding photographers.

We met Lina at a bridal show about three years ago, and at that time, she told us we were going to be photographing her wedding. I am so glad she found us again when it came time!

Both their ceremony and reception were hosted at the beautiful Reynolds Barn in Summerville, Ga. The ceremony was in the front, overlooking a mountain view. The reception was an intimate affair inside the barn.

The Beautiful Couple

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It is very obvious that Lina and her son are close! He was so excited to see her marrying the man of her dreams.

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Lina’s younger twin brothers were able to make it to her special day. In the photo below, you can see that she never gave up being their older sister.


Zach cleans up nice!

Summerville wedding photographers

And Lina is always beautiful!

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The Ceremony


This guy is the one that raised Lina. Watching him watch her throughout the evening could have made anyone cry. The quintessential  police officer with tears dripping from his eyes was a sight to behold. He truly loves his daughter.

Summerville wedding photographers

And batman was the officiant.


First selfie as newly-weds!

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It was really cool that their sons were able to be a part of their special day!

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The Reception

When we first saw Lina at a bridal show, she wasn’t there just to look; she is actually a bakery manager. As a result, we get a really cool cake. This is two skulls on top of a geode, on top of a log, which is as unique as they are.

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I think this photobooth is what actually drew Lina to our booth at the Bridal Show, so it is no wonder that they had it at their wedding!

Summerville wedding photographers Summerville wedding photographers

Thank you Lina and Zach for having us be a part of your special day! It was a pleasure to be your Summerville Wedding Photographers!
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